Small Business Automation

Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome: Here Are The Tools You Really Need

It's a New Year and instead of making resolutions, I "clean house." I don't know about you, but I used to have major issues with "shiny object syndrome" as an entrepreneur... you know, the latest and greatest software, tool, training, or whatever else you can think of...

Infusionsoft Releases New Email Builder!

Yesterday, Infusionsoft released the New Beta Email Builder!  I cannot wait for you to try it out. I obtained pre-release access back in November and absolutely LOVE the new builder.  There are templates, a drag and drop interface, and (wait for it!).... it is MOBILE...

The smallest change can have the biggest impact

It’s confession time! Does it ever amaze you how we can implement things for our clients but still have huge holes in our own business? I had a huge one – and it was wreaking havoc in my time management.

My clients rely on my to implement systems in their business. These systems usually revolve around marketing automation, but business system processes are always involved as well. The irony is I had one area of my business where I had not implemented a system and it was truly affecting my business!

Another Infusionsoft Implementation Accelerator in the Books!

Imagine… coming to Chandler, Arizona and spending 3 days focusing ONLY on what needs to be done for your business. You get access to a project manager who is there just for you… to help strategize and implement your campaigns and marketing. You also get access to the BEST creative services team ever, including:

7 Ways to Automate Your Business

If you feel overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks that need to be done on a daily basis in your business, you need to start automating those items.  Automation doesn't mean a robotic, cold approach to business, but rather a thought out, strategic plan that increases...

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