Core Values


Defining the Core Values for a company takes time and thoughtful consideration. Here at ElectraLime Marketing, we focus on the following Core Values to guide us in our journey:


Hearts of Service

We believe that we are here to serve others. We honestly want to help you and your business succeed and grow.


Be Authentic

We believe that you need to be you… not someone else.  We all have our unique, God-given talents and we need to let those shine through to others. You can look to others for inspiration in projects, skills or learning… but we all need to be our authentic selves.


Deliver What You Promise

We believe in delivering what we promised.  It is simple as that.  And if possible…  we will over-deliver to add an extra level of WOW for our clients. 🙂


Build Open and Honest Relationships through Communication

We believe in open and honest relationships… with our clients, our team and those around us.  Communication is key and we practice open and honest communication.


Never Stop Learning

We believe that no one knows it all and that everyone can improve.  We encourage continuous learning and self-improvement through conferences, reading and events.


Events as Strategic Tools

We believe that events are not just occasions, but powerful tools for growth. They offer unique opportunities to engage, inspire, and connect. We see every event as a strategic part of a bigger plan to scale and grow your business, enabling you to leave a lasting impression.


Sustainability in Action

We believe in safeguarding our planet for future generations. As such, we are committed to making every event as sustainable as possible. From the planning stage to the final wrap-up, we seek out opportunities to minimize waste, reduce carbon footprint, and promote responsible choices. We strive to prove that unforgettable events can co-exist harmoniously with our world.

And finally… We Believe that Every Business Can Truly Impact the World in a Positive Way… and we are here to support them.


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