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The Project

A global, billion-dollar apparel brand holds its bi-annual sales and marketing meeting to educate employees on brand strategy, announce future product launches and align sales and marketing teams. With up to 2,000 invited attendees, the client was looking for a way to present this event virtually to save on company wide travel costs and time away from the office.

ElectraLime Marketing was brought on by an outside events company to work with their team as well as the internal event team from the global brand, to implement the systems needed to produce this event. Our expertise was needed to work seamlessly with both companies to create an event of this magnitude.


Due to the sensitivity and security of the proprietary information, it was essential that we built a system that not only provided a content portal, but also allowed for complex segmentation of attendees. There were approximately 1800 attendees who all had different access levels to content. With 26 different tracks, the exponential complexity of assigning attendees needed to be organized prior to registering the attendees.

The client had already chosen an online learning platform to utilize for this event. ElectraLime Marketing took the out-of-the-box platform and customized its capabilities to meet the clients’ needs. ElectraLime Marketing worked directly with the two event teams to build out the content. Content included a livestreamed opening, approximately 450 video-on-demand product presentations and 150 live chat sessions where attendees could screenshare and discuss upcoming product launches.

During the event, ElectraLime Marketing was onsite for production management, ensuring all sessions launched properly and provided technical support.









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