Case Study


The Project

A global, billion-dollar apparel brand needed to convert its live, in-person retail preline meeting to virtual meetings due to Covid-19 shutdowns. These meetings were restricted to certain internal departments as well as outside vendor accounts. With the meetings taking place over a span for four weeks, the client needed a technological solution to facilitate the meeting as well as production support for the entire four weeks.

ElectraLime Marketing was brought on by an outside events company to work with their team as well as the internal event team from the global brand to implement the systems needed to produce this event.


Due to the sensitivity and security of the proprietary information, it was essential that attendees in each track/banner only see the content for their account. With the sessions being held consecutively over four weeks, we needed to build out the site while other sessions were live. This required making content visible for the client to approve while ensuring current attendees did not have visibility to this future vendor content. In addition, when each preline week ended, we had less than 24 hours to remove all previous attendee access, wipe the site of any previous content, add future attendees to the system and set all permission levels to ensure they could see the appropriate content upon signing into the site the next day.

We utilized an online learning platform that we had previously used for this client’s Sales and Marketing Meetings. Content each week included a live streamed pre-recorded opening, as well as video-on-demand product presentations and live chat sessions where attendees could screen share and discuss upcoming products.

ElectraLime Marketing provided remote production management for all four weeks while concurrently building out content for future preline sessions.









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