A Go-Giver Attitude Witnessed in Person

The Go-GiverIn a world where there are books to build your business around every corner, it’s hard to discern between the “can’t miss” and the “don’t need.”  However, every once in a while, you come across a little “gold nugget” which speaks not only to your business mind but also to your heart.  This is so with the “Go-Giver” series by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

The books are parables, each with a primary character who is learning the difference between focusing on their own needs and goals and focusing on those of others.  I actually purchased the latest book “It’s Not About You,” strictly because of the title.  Go-Givers Sell MoreIn our world today, the focus always seems to be on “me” and not on “what can I do for others.”  These quick-read books discuss the “Go-Giver” attitude and display how focusing on others can truly help build your own business as well.   Although the books are parables, the Five Laws introduced in the first book, “The Go-Giver” are laws for success, where you will achieve more when you have a giving attitude.

It's Not About YouLast week, I had the opportunity to travel down to Addison, IL to see Bob Burg speak in person.  I had “spoken” with Bob previously on Twitter and through LinkedIn®, but had never met him in person.  In the social media world, Bob had always seemed pleasant and “real”, but you never truly know what a person is like until you are in the same room together.

Bob’s genuineness and compassion for others is apparent the minute you meet him.  Although he is a seasoned presenter, his presentation skills are different than any other presenter I have seen.  It’s the little things that makes Bob’s presentations amazing… whether it is the way he incorporates “bless you” into his talk without missing a beat whenever someone in the room sneezes, or the way he looks at you when he is walking around the room making eye contact.  It’s almost like he is looking straight into your soul.  He truly has a “Go-Giver” attitude with everyone he meets and wants the people in the room to leave with that same attitude. His presentation also included specific action steps that covered the topics of both sales and networking.

I truly recommend not only the books, but also seeing Bob present in person if you have the opportunity.  He will touch your heart and teach you how to have a giving attitude, so you can provide value to others while building your business.

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