An Easy Way to Use Quizzes in Your Business

Do you use quizzes as part of your Marketing?  If not, you should!

Quizzes provide a quick and easy way to learn more about your prospects and their needs.  They allow you to also customize your messaging based on their answers.

And… quizzes are addictive!  Think through how many times you scroll through Facebook and see friends who are taking quizzes.  Who is your Country Music Star love… Which City Should You Live In… and my personal favorite… Test your IQ! 🙂

Planning Your Quiz

The first thing you need to do is determine WHY you want to have a quiz?  What is your goal?  What do you wish you knew about your prospect or your customer?

  • What their major pains are
  • What they wish could be solved for them
  • What they like to do and what they hate
  • and more!

In addition, what do you want to happen AFTER they take the quiz?  Where are you trying to take them?  Are you trying to sell a product or service? Are you trying to segment your prospects to put them down a new marketing funnel?  What is the journey you want them to take?

Building the Quiz

There are a number of different platforms out there offering quizzes.  I recently came across Interact, and fell in love.  Interact’s platform allows you to customize your quiz easily, add images to each question (and answer!) and integrates with a number of marketing automation platforms.

Let me show you how easy it was to build this quiz today…

Interact 1

As you can see, the quiz cover includes a title, image, description and call to action.  The images can be uploaded from your own computer or you can use an image from their library.

The Questions

Now comes the fun part… what do you want to ask them?  Write down your list of question and have fun with this!  I decided to do a “Scored Quiz”, which means as the prospect answers each question, a score is assigned and based on their total number, they receive one of three results.  It’s a great way to segment people to take them down the different paths based on their answers.

As you can see, I can add a picture to the question as well as to each answer.  For my quiz, I decided to only add images to the answers… but you can customize this as you wish.  Again… super easy!

Interact 2

Embedding & Sharing

Interact makes it easy to share your quiz on social media as well as embedding on your site  There are so many ways to promote your quiz on your site, including a pop-up option!  You can also integrate the quiz with your favorite marketing automation software… in my case, that is Infusionsoft.


How are you going to implement quizzes in your business?  Let me know if the comments below!

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by ElectraLime Marketing and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you purchase Interact or Infusionsoft using the affiliate link, ElectraLime Marketing may earn an affiliate commission.

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