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Event Marketing vs. Event Management – Which do you need?

Every event is made up of a variety of parts that fit together like a puzzle. Successful events have all of those puzzle pieces working together at the right time and place. Marketing is one of those puzzle pieces that is an essential part of every successful event. It’s interesting to note that the term marketing isn’t clearly defined by some and is used interchangeably with management. For those not working in the marketing or event world, these two may appear to be the same thing, but they are very different. Yes, it’s exhausting just thinking of it, but we have to get one thing straight…what is the difference between event management (that’s not me) and event marketing (that’s me)! Still puzzled? Take a look at the differences:

Event Management

Event management involves creating, coordinating and managing the different parts of an event as managing the people responsible for each task, You know the type…they walk around the event with  a clip board, a walkie-talkie or head set and run around making sure everything is running smoothly. Some parts of event management (which is a very important piece of the puzzle, by the way) may include:


  • Reserving a location/working with venue management
  • Hiring Caterers
  • Negotiating contracts with vendors
  • Creating a timeline/schedule
  • Scheduling/ Managing staff for each function
  • Overseeing the entire event from start to finish
  • Collaborating With Event Planner and Event Marketing Team
  • Troubleshooting onsite problems

Event Marketing

Event Marketing, what we do and do really well, is everything that is done before the clipboard and head set comes out.

It involves branding the event, product or service and creating well-thought-out promotional strategies to tell the brand story and to get the word out about the event. An event can either be online like a webinar or in person like a trade show. Event marketing  also includes the experiential activities that are planned to promote the company, product or service during the event.  Event marketing happens through a variety of inbound and outbound marketing techniques with the end result of generating leads and attendance and converting prospects into new customers. Event marketing strategy is working side by side with you to help you promote your event and generate attendance. It’s an awesome job but someone has to do it and I’d like to be that person for you.

Some parts of event marketing may include:

  • Setting Goals/ Budget For the Event
  • Creating a Marketing Timeline and Calendar
  • Leveraging Event Sponsors and Speakers
  • Planning (or hiring a web master) for ongoing  Website Optimization (Search Engine Optimization (SEO:  increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website to users in a search engine like Google)
  • Defining A Target Audience/Researching and Creating Event Personas
  • Creating multiple forms of content and promotional materials (Press Releases//Articles/Blogs)
  • Creating Brand Guide lines (color scheme, font selection, photos, verbiage, etc.)
  • Developing Social Media Campaigns (hashtags)
  • Developing Traditional Marketing Campaigns/Media (radio, newspaper, television, billboards, grassroots efforts)
  • Scheduling Email Management and marketing/Reminder Emails
  • Organizing Guest Appearances
  • Create Contests and promotions
  •  Planning Video Marketing (before during and after event)
  •  Creating Call To Action Copy for all Promotional Materials and Website Content
  • Creating and Promoting Last Minute Promotions
  • Scheduling Onsite Event Marketing
  • Planning Post-event Marketing

So with all that in mind, let’s work together to market your next event and make it as successful and enjoyable as possible. Contact me right now, so we can discuss putting all the puzzle pieces together!

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