Facebook Changed Your Default Email Without Telling You. How to Change it Back.

If you take a quick peak at your Facebook profile, you will notice that Facebook has replaced your default email address with a new one that ends with @facebook.com.  This email service was launched by Facebook a while back, but is not in use by most users.  In fact, many users don’t event know it exists.

Every user on Facebook has an @facebook.com email address.  The messages are supposed to go into your Facebook inbox.  If you have a custom URL for your personal profile, such as fb.com/JohnDoe then your email would be JohnDoe@Facebook.com.  If you have not added a custom URL, Facebook assigned random numbers as your email account name.


Today's Virtual Edge | Facebook About SectionTo change your email address back to your default address (and to decide what email addresses show), log into your account and select “About” under your contact information.  You can then choose what email addresses are shown on your profile and hide any other ones.

What are your thoughts about these changes?  Let me know in the comments area below.


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