How Do You Measure Success?

“How do you measure success?  What makes you successful?”Virtual Assistant Success

That was the questioned presented to me during a consultation with a potential client.  We had discussed the multiple aspects of the project, we had discussed my rates and we had moved into a discussion of how I work and what I expect from my clients. (Yes – I do expect certain things from my clients!)

That’s when he asked the question – “How do you measure success?”

The answer was actually pretty simple.  It had nothing to do with money.  It had nothing to do with how big my client list is.  My answer?  “I measure success by how happy my client is when the project is complete.”

Simple, right?  Corny?  Maybe.  True?  ABSOLUTELY!  My clients trust me with a lot.  Whether I am designing a website, creating a social media campaign or simply entering contacts into their email list, what I do has a profound impact on their business.  They are relying on me to make a difference.  That is the ultimate goal.

So if I am successful, they are happy.  They are thrilled with the work I did.  They are telling their friends and colleagues about me and my services.  I measure my success on their happiness! 

Shouldn’t we all be measuring our success that way?  Yes – the money is nice.  Yes – referrals are great and I rely on them as the primary source of building my business.  But the ultimate reward is helping someone – helping them to achieve success.  Successful companies know the importance of that one rule.

How do you measure success?

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