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How to Reconnect with Old Leads – Infusionsoft Campaign

Like many business owners, I get so busy doing my client’s work, I don’t always do everything I should for my own business.  Once I started using Infusionsoft, I knew that would change.

So in December, I decided to create a new campaign asking ALL of the contacts in my database to update their records.  This allowed me to touch base with some people I hadn’t spoken to in a year or two.  It also allowed me to gather updated addresses for my holiday cards and capture birthdays – which I had never been good at doing. 🙂

How did it work?  Amazingly well.  I sent a simple email out to 300 contacts, asking them for 2 minutes of their time.  They clicked a link in the email and were brought to a hosted landing page, where all of the information I had for them was pre-populated.  All they had to do was update any of the blank fields and click submit.  BUT – I added in once piece of information.  I asked them what type of information they would like to receive from me.

Newsletter Opt In

This allowed me to find out EXACTLY what types of information people want – whether it is through my blog, my newsletter or my social media sites.  It also allowed people who I hadn’t been in contact with for a couple of years to re-opt in to my newsletter.

For those of you who are number crunchers out there… here are the results.  Of the 300 emails sent, to date, only 46 people updated their information.  Yes – I know – that’s only 6%.  BUT – numbers aren’t always what matter.  Here is what I did receive from those 46 people.

  • Updated mailing addresses
  • Updated phone numbers
  • Birth dates – to be used in future nurturing sequences
  • Updated opt ins to three different newsletters
  • Who my warm leads are.  Yes – the people that actually followed through on the sequence.

That’s a nice piece of success for a little campaign.  And I didn’t need to pay anyone to call those people to ask them the same questions.

Do you need help setting up a similar campaign?  Contact me at lisa@electralime.com for assistance.



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