Infusionsoft's Implementation Accelerator

Infusionsoft’s Implementation Accelerator – 2013

Infusionsoft held another Implementation Accelerator on December 3rd – 5th at Infusionsoft’s Headquarters in Chandler, Arizona.  Infusionsoft Certified Consultants, Infusionsoft employees, and other contracted professionals were there to help small business owners strategize and implement their marketing ideas in their Infusionsoft app – in just 3 days.  Attendees had access to copywriters, video production professionals, SEO analysis, API and script help, social media analysis, social media promotion with GroSocial and more.

I had the pleasure of being the project manager for Infusionsoft customer, Chad Graue, a Team Beachbody Coach (  Chad and his wife Katie run Challenge Groups as well as train new Elite Coaches.  For three days we focused on Chad’s two target markets, strategizing and implementing lifecycle marketing campaigns within his application!  

Chad stated that he had been using his Infusionsoft application as a glorified email newsletter system and he knew it was time to uncover the rest of the iceberg.  He had specific touch-points that needed to be implemented.  During the three day time span, we focused on both his Elite Coach team and Challenge Group markets.  We accomplished a lot, including:

  • Capture New Leads with a Website Opt-In: Chad knew he wanted to provide a way for people to obtain 7-Day Meal Plans on his website – as this provides an easy way for people to get to know him.  We created the web form to capture the information as well as the follow up sequences for delivering the meal plans on a monthly basis – automatically.
  • Use an Online Form to Qualify Prospects interested in their Challenge Programs:  Since Chad and Katie are both Team Beachbody coaches, we had to create two programs – one for people who wanted to work with Chad and the other for people who wanted to work with Katie.  By clicking a link on their website, prospects are brought to a hosted landing page with the specific questions they need answered.  These answers are kept in custom fields within the contact’s record.  The follow up sequence includes a step where if the prospect does not complete the questionnaire, a reminder email is sent out to them, taking them right back to the form.  Once they complete the form, a separate follow up sequence allows Chad and Katie to qualify them via phone and process any follow up tasks.
  • Use an Online Form to Qualify Prospects interested in their Elite Coach Programs:  Similar to the Challenge Programs, Chad needed a way to attract and qualify prospective new coaches.  We created a similar online form for prospects to complete.  Upon completion of a phone call, Chad and Katie simply have to complete an internal web form which activates a New Training and On-Boarding Sequence for new coaches.  This sequence is completely automated and allows Chad and Katie to get the same information to each of their new coaches using specifically timed sequences.  Now all of their coaches get the same information and the same on-boarding process!
  • Website SEO Analysis:  Since Chad and Katie just launched their new website, timing of the Implementation Accelerator was perfect.  Not only were we able to tie all of the various sequences and opt ins to the new website – we also made sure to schedule in a SEO analysis with the experts.  This brought forth some specific issues that needed to be dealt with right away.  Thankfully their website is built in WordPress, so I was able to make some on-the-spot updates and corrections for him right away.

This was the first Implementation Accelerator that I participated in and I was amazed at was all was accomplished in three days.  In a world where we, as entrepreneurs, generally do not have time to focus on implementing systems and strategies, these clients were able to walk away with more than they probably could have accomplished in 6 months or even a year.  This event not only allowed me to help Chad implement specific strategies in his business, but it also gave me another chance to be amazed by the support the Infusionsoft staff offer on a daily basis.

On a personal note: Chad was an amazing client and I was blessed to work with him.  Not only did he write ALL of his own copy for the many, many emails and landing pages, he was willing to work hard over the three days.  We spent a lot of time discussing his goals, strategizing the best way to complete them and then reviewing each step to make sure nothing was missed.  I appreciate all of his hard work.  I know he and his wife Katie will continue to succeed in the business that they are both so passionate about.

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