Alabama Mission Trip

Mission of Mercy – Helping Alabama Tornado Victims (part 3)

Wednesday, July 27th. Back to job site #3 in Hanceville, AL – Debra’s house.  She is glad to see the whole team there and a working skid steer.

The skid steer starts removing some of the 5-6 foot long sections of trees that Brad and Erik cut yesterday.  A group of us start loading the cart with 4 foot sections of limbs that were piled up by previous teams.  The tree is off the car and we end up using the skid steer to pull the car away from the work area.

Alabama Mission Trip

The root balls are huge here!

There is so much work to do here.  We finally get the easily accessible trees and limbs cut up and moved, but that now leaves everything that is located in the highly dense area of the lot.  The guys are flinging ticks off of them as they work and continuing to watch for areas of poison ivy and poison oak.

I’ve had a chance to sit down and talk to our homeowner.  She is a lovely woman who is thrilled to have us here to help.  They do not have the funds necessary to tackle a job like this, like so many other people.  They have had their share of hardship, especially in the last year.  Her husband was laid off for a time and her mother-in-law, whom she was extremely close to, had died.  We spent a lot of time talking and shedding a few tears.

We’ve had the privilege of really getting to know our homeowners.  We appreciate the chance to serve them, not only by clearing their damage, but also by letting them tell their stories.  It gives you a whole new perspective on your own “troubles”.

It is hot again today.  When we get back in the van, the temperature reads 100 degrees.

Alabama Mission Trip

Resting from the heat

Today we have to quit early.  The church has a weekly dinner and bible study time and we are invited.  We all have to be showered and cleaned up by 5pm and there are 11 of us to get through the shower trailer.

The church has been very gracious to us.  We truly appreciate the hospitality and the appreciation for our work.

(to be continued)

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