LinkedIn® Skill Suggested Endorsements

New on LinkedIn®: Skills Endorsements!

Have you worked with a Realtor® who goes the extra mile or a web designer that you love?  You can now endorse them with a single click on LinkedIn®.

LinkedIn® has introduced Skill Endorsements – a way to endorse one of your connections for a skill they have listed on their profile.  Unlike writing a recommendation for a connection, this one-click endorsement is a fast and easy way to acknowledge someone.  There are two ways to endorse your connections:

  • When you view a connections profile, you will see recommended endorsements for them.  You can also suggest additional skills.
  • If you scroll to their Skills & Expertise section, you can endorse them from there as well.  This section also showcases endorsements they have already received.
LinkedIn® Skill Suggested Endorsements

Suggested Skill Endorsements


LinkedIn® Skill Endorsements

Listing of Skills You Can Endorse

If you haven’t taken advantage of adding Skills & Expertise areas to your profile, now is the time.  With these one-click endorsements, you want your connections to be able to endorse you as well.

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