Offering Your Clients What They Need? – Packages vs. A La Carte

Package deals or piece-meal service plans… what is the best solution?  Well, it depends.

You know that your customers’ needs are unique.  Each customer is different.  No matter what type of business you run, there will be two main types of customers whose needs you need to address.

Think of it this way… what kind of clothes shopper are you?  Are you the type of person who can pick up two or three items of clothing and magically make them into the most amazing outfit you have ever seen?  Or are you a “mannequin shopper”?  If the outfit and accessories are not already put together and on a mannequin, you have no ability to envision those items working together and will pass by the most amazing pieces of clothing, simply because you don’t know how to put them together.

Your customers are the same way.  Whether you work in the corporate world, retail markets or own a service business you will run into this scenario.  You will have customers who come to you knowing exactly what they want.  They will know which of your services they want and which they do not need.  You won’t be able to “sell” them anything else, because their mind is set.  Then there are the other customers… the ones who have no idea what they need or how to put together the best services for their business.  These are the customers who need the “package deal”.  Does your company have one?  If not, you are missing out on a huge portion of your market.

Take a look at your website.  Do you offer packages for your clients in addition to your a la carte services? If not, you need to quickly change that.  You don’t want to be turning away potential clients without even realizing it.

Whether you are a “mannequin shopper” or can fling together the best outfit in the world, think of your customers and their varied needs.  Offer services for both ends of the spectrum and your business will continue to grow.

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