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Online Tool Review: TimeTrade

Whether you schedule free consultations, client appointments, coaching calls or more, you can spend a LOT of time going back and forth trying to find a “perfect time” to meet.  In my case, since 90% of my clients are located outside of my local area, scheduling can be a huge headache and time-waster.  Enter TimeTrade.

TimeTrade is an online scheduling tool that has simply given me my time back.  Being an entrepreneur who is constantly watching her finances, I started by using their free edition, which allows you to schedule up to 5 meetings per month.  It’s super easy too!  Once you get your schedule into TimeTrade, your customers and clients can simply go to a link you provide them to schedule meetings.  And the best part is it integrates with my Google Calendar as well, so the minute someone schedules an appt, it’s on my calendar.

But you may be asking, what happens if you add something to your own calendar in Google?  Well, it automatically blocks out that time in TimeTrade… it couldn’t be easier.

I quickly outgrew the 5 appointments per month so I now have the paid version, which I thought had an incredibly reasonable rate.  To make life even easier, I entered the url that TimeTrade gave me (which is a little cumbersome) into my Pretty Link URL plugin on my website and was able to create a custom link that is easy to give to my potential clients.

No more emails bouncing back and forth trying to schedule an appointment!  And with a number of my clients being located in Southern California, I no longer have to worry about time zones either, because TimeTrade calculates all of that for me.

TimeTrade has saved me a huge amount of time and hassle and I highly recommend them.

P.S. – I am in the process of integrating their scheduling system on my Facebook page as well as my Infusionsoft application.  I am looking forward to all of my systems talking to each other!

Authors Note: This evaluation was provided simply to give you, the viewer, my opinion.  I have not received any affiliate or referral compensation from TimeTrade.

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