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[Podcast] How to Successfully Market Your Business at Events

I love talking about Exhibitor Marketing and was honored to be a guest on Victoria Caldwell’s podcast recently. Listen in as we discuss why exhibiting at events should be part of your marketing strategy. 


  • Why you should use events as part of your marketing plan
  • Important steps to take before using exhibits
  • How to engage attendees during and after the event
  • How to make the event successful

“A lot of people have this magic wand theory of “If I show up, then the leads and sales will follow.”

Show Notes

How Lisa got into exhibitor marketing
Just being present won’t guarantee leads and sales
Number one reason why you should be doing exhibits
The biggest reason companies fail when exhibiting at events
Things you need to figure out before exhibiting
Picking the right events
What NOT to do at the events
What to do at the events
What you must do after the event
How to figure out how much to spend on a booth
Get a customized plan for your business in a 1-hour exhibit mastery session with Lisa

“It’s not the event that’s the problem. It’s you. It’s not because events don’t work. It’s because you don’t work events.”

What is your biggest challenge when exhibiting at an event? Share in the comments below.

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