“Running Away” Can Help Build Your Business

When you read that title, did you think “What?  Apparently Lisa has lost her mind!  How can you run away and build your business?”

That’s exactly what I did this week.

Now, I am not talking about running away for good, but rather leaving your “normal” surroundings to get away from all the distractions of daily life and to have the opportunity to take a really good look at your business.  What have you been wanting to implement?  What is working well?  What needs to be tweaked?  What do you need to launch?

Success for Today's Virtual EdgeThis last week, I packed up two crates of files and books and drove south seven hours to St. Louis.  I have been staying with extended family members who were gracious enough to accept my conditions… a bed, wireless access, and no obligations.  They have let me come and go as I please and expect nothing of my visit.  God bless them for that! (Oh! And the food they have been feeding me has been amazing!)

As a result, I have spent the last week focusing on my business.  I have been implementing some strategies that I have wanted to implement for a year but have not had time to.  I have been reworking some of my social media accounts.  I have been updating my website.  I’ve been doing all the tasks that I do for my clients, but never seem to get around to for myself.  It has been wonderful.

Now before you start telling yourself all of the reasons you can’t pack up and go – STOP!  I know… there’s not enough time, who would run the business while you’re gone, you can’t afford to go.  Really?  I say you can’t afford NOT to go.

I own a business and I am my only employee.  I have three children under the age of 13.  I am the leader of two Girl Scout troops and a networking group.  I sit on a non-profit board.  I understand how hard it is to walk away.  I had to juggle schedules until this trip worked.  I had to make sure all the laundry was done, the school schedules were light, ensure there were no meetings I would miss, and more.  I say this not to “toot my own horn”, but rather to say “I get it”.

I know it’s hard to “run away”.  But you would be amazed at what you can accomplish when you walk away from your “everyday” and focus on your future.

To your continued success…


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