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Top Website Mistakes – Who Are You?

Do your website visitors know who you are?

When a new visitor comes to your website, you have 4 seconds to convince them to stay. 

No – that wasn’t a typo.  I didn’t mean 40 seconds, I didn’t mean 4 minutes… I meant 4 seconds.  In 4 seconds, if you haven’t captured their attention, they are gone.

There are a lot of factors that affect whether someone stays on your website.  But one of the biggest factors is how quickly you can explain to them Who You Are.

If I type “plumber” into Google and click on the first search result that comes up, I intend to see a site that screams “I am a Plumber!”  Well – here is what one of the sites I clicked on today showed…

Plumbing Website

Yes – that is the entire website!  Wow!  I will be sure to call him when my toilet is overflowing and I have water in my basement!  Or maybe not.

Ok – that might have been an extreme example – but you get the point.  Make sure that your website tells visitors who you are and what you do with no question in their mind.

If not, then your business will just go right down the drain!


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