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Why You Need to Secure Your WordPress Website

According to recent reports by HostGator and CloudFlare, there is currently a significant attack being launched at WordPress blogs across the Internet. Hackers have launched this well-organized attack to gain access to usernames and passwords on WordPress sites.
Here are some tips to help secure your site:
  1. Change Your Password to a Secure Password – This is the easiest thing to do.  Be sure to choose a password that is unique for EVERY site that you have a password.  Be sure to use a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.  The longer your password the harder it is to hack.
  2. Create a Non-Standard Username – The default user name on WordPress is “Admin.”  When installing a new version of WordPress, be sure you (or your webmaster) chooses a unique username for your site.  Choose a username that incorporates upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
  3. Change Your Username – If you already have a username called “Admin” – create a new username for yourself in WordPress.  Be sure to assign it Administrator privileges.  Record the username and password and then delete the original “Admin” username.  Use the new login from this point forward.

In addition to changing your username and password, you can also add plugins that help secure your site by limiting logins.  One app that works well is Limit Login Attempts.  Also – stay up to date with the Latest WordPress Version.

If you need help with any of these tips, be sure to contact me or comment below.

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