Why You Shouldn’t Get Rid of Your Custom Facebook Welcome Page

You’ve been reading about all of the upcoming changes on your Facebook Business Page.  The change you’ve probably heard the most about is that Facebook is no longer allowing you to determine a default landing page… all visitors will see your wall.  You may be thinking about all of the time (and possibly expense) that you put into creating that beautiful Welcome Page and now no one will ever see it again.

Today's Virtual Edge Welcome PageWell – don’t give up on that page.  This is why you may want to keep that beautiful Welcome Page you created.  Although any visitor who types in your Facebook url or finds you via the search function will definitively land on your wall, there is a way for them to land on your Welcome page.  This is where thinking “outside of the box” comes in.

If you are using Facebook Ads, QR codes or other links, you can direct that traffic to your custom Welcome page.  Every page on your Facebook profile has a distinct url.  So if you are putting a link in your email signature line directing people to your Facebook page, you can use that custom url there.

Here is an example:

My Facebook page url is https://www.facebook.com/TodaysVirtualEdgeVA.

My Welcome page url is https://www.facebook.com/TodaysVirtualEdgeVA?sk=app_190322544333196.

Therefore, if I am creating a QR code directing people to my Facebook page, I can include this second link in the QR code.  Then the visitor still sees my Welcome page as well as my Call to Action.  Is it the long way around?  Sure.  Will it work?  Yes – at least for now.

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